Finnegan's Wake has a very unique combination of players. Read on to find out more!
Robbie Murphy, is FW's heart and soul and plays acoustic rhythm guitar and is the lead singer for the band. He's originally from Dublin, Ireland and truly is the Irish pulse for Finnegan's Wake. His career started, oddly enough, playing American songs in Ireland. After moving to Las Vegas he worked in some hard rock cover bands until he founded Finnegan's Wake in 2000. Growing up with Irish music suddenly became a great asset and helped to create Las Vegas' most authentic Irish band. You'll be sure to enjoy his natural gift of voice when you listen to his awesome renditions of your favorite Irish songs old and new!
Denitza Larsen, in a word - Awesome! She was born in Bulgaria and moved to the United States to become a professional violinist as a performer and also a teacher. Her work is amazing and so is her radiant pesonality. Accept no substitutes - don't miss the chance to see and hear our favorite fiddle player!
Matt O'Rourke, born and raised in Las Vegas, NV comes from a heavy metal background and can play anything. He grew up in a musical household with parents who were creative stage performers themselves. He began band work with his brother Mike who is a drummer and also plays professionally. His attention to detail combined with a mastery of guitar brings all of Finnegan's Wake's songs to life. With no shortage of feel and stage presence you are sure to be blown away by this one of a kind talent. Playing guitar since he was 13 years old has led Matt on a journey that encompasses world travel with several reknowned bands. We are lucky to have him in Finnegan's Wake!
Keith Hollar, from Redondo Beach, CA is the bassist. He's played on a couple of gold records and has been in bands with Tina Turner, Etta James, Stephen Bishop (On and On), Johnny Nash, David Benoit and many others. He is quite a character on stage too (as you may have noticed). Never a dull moment with Keith on the bandstand! He and drummer Wayne Ritchie have played together for 20 years and that makes for a tight band if ever there was one. Keith also sings lead and background vocals as well as adding class clown to the act. Always energetic and friendly Keith is an entertaining musical badass! Don't miss him!
Wayne Ritchie, the drummer for Finnegan's Wake comes from Pennsylvania but has been out west for 20 years. His roots are classic rock but he is a schooled musician of many styles. He's played in over 30 countries on 5 continents and is the backbone of the band as well as the band leader. His passion for music is obvious and his love of entertaining shows in his ready smile and enthusiasm while performing. Wayne is also a lead and background singer and has recorded, mixed and produced 3 CD's of the band. A live CD is in the making now. Be sure to say hi to Wayne when you come see us!